Do you have a lid on your income?

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Do you have something you're passionate about? Would you like to turn that Passion into a profitable business? Are you struggling to find that one thing that truly inspires you and lights you up from the inside? Our 7 week (6 modules) course “From Passion to Profit” will help you uncover and laser focus your passion. We’ll teach you how to turn that passion and inner genius into a profitable business!
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Do you have a lid on your income?

Welcome to Passion on Purpose!

Let's take the lid off of your potential

Course Curriculum

Presented by Missy Camp Anderson and Dali Litinski

  • Entrepreneurship 101

    What are the basics of owning your own business? Where do you start and how do you take your idea to market? — by Missy Camp Anderson

  • Different Business Models

    What are the different business platforms? How do you decide which one is right for you? How do you find one that aligns with your passion and values? — by Missy Camp Anderson

  • How Do You Create A Passive Income Stream?

    How can you get mailbox money — income arriving 24/7? — by Missy Camp Anderson

  • Values

    What are your personal internal drivers What role do they play in your success?— by Dali Litinski

  • The 7 Different Leadership Influences

    Reveal your own leadership influences that make or break your success. Learn how likely you are to achieve your goals, when using each of these levels. — by Dali Litinski

  • Self Saboteurs

    What are your gremlins saying to you? What are your 4 big mental blocks? How do we move past your inner blocks? — by Dali Litinski

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Your instructors

  • Missy Camp Anderson

    Missy Camp Anderson

    Social Entrepreneur Coach

    Passion and purpose-driven, Missy Anderson has worked with professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives to help them pursue and monetize on what she calls "their sweet spot" while helping them build authentic personal brands.
  • Dali Litinski

    Dali Litinski

    Professional and Personal Growth Expert

    Dali earned her degree in social work, but soon discovered ‘fixing’ others is not what gives her joy. As a certified Life Coach, she has empowered and helped many committed people like you shift their leadership energy and thrive, which aligns perfectly with how she sees her legacy.